What Is Fourview Social Network?


Is Fourview just another social media network? Or is Fourview so much more?

There have never been more social media platforms than nowadays. No matter which type of posts you have in mind – images, videos, long or short text posts – there is a suitable social network. So what can Fourview social network offer that is new or revolutionary?

Welcome to social media privacy 2.0

For years people across the world have been struggling to understand how privacy on major social media platforms works. Do users own their own data or not? And who has access to such data?

The truth is that major social media platforms take advantage of users’ data. Even though they claim that they do not sell data – the evidence suggests that they are not being entirely honest.

Just take a look at how advertising works. You fill your profile with some private information about yourself – where you live, when you were born and you choose a gender. The next thing you know – a local restaurant ad is showing up on your profile and a nearby shoe shop is offering you a coupon code. So if your data isn’t shared – how do you get these ads that are highly targeted?

With Fourview social network, you will never have to worry about your data being shared or sold.

Your data will remain yours. It will not be sold to the highest bidder or traded for our own gain. 

Fourview social network

When you join Fourview, you will know exactly how the privacy agreement works. There will be no need to pay attention to the small print or to take a wild guess how some segments of privacy work.

Fourview offers complete transparency when it comes to platform’s privacy. You and only are the owner of your online data. No data selling or trading will ever happen.

Goodbye disruptive ads

Do you know that feeling when you are scrolling through your social media feed, seeing posts by your friends and family with an occasional amuzing meme from your favorite pages?

Well, neither do we.

Ever since major social networks introduced advertising, the way we communicate and connect with friends and family is no longer the same. Our feeds became plagued with ads, random pages that we don’t even follow became more prominent and we lost track of why we joined these social networks in the first place.

But the truth is that no one has forgotten why they created an account on social media. Everyone joined to get in touch with old friends and family members, to share exciting news about their own life and to occasionally take a look at lovely posts by their favorite brands.

Fourview social network

Because we, at Fourview, still remember the good old days without ads in our feeds, we wanted to bring back that old feeling. We wanted to revive the moments when you could take part in sharing happy moments with your loved ones, unencumbered by a bunch of ads.

With Fourview you will never have to worry about ads stopping you from enjoying your daily dose of loved ones on social media. Not only will you be able to see each and every post by your friends and family, but you will also not have to worry about missing updates from your favorite brands.

Everyone and everything you care about will be within a few clicks on Fourview.

Hello customized profile!

Do you enjoy listening to music? Or are you a writer? Perhaps a visual artist?

Let your inner artist have fun with your profile on Fourview social network. Set the tone and mood by choosing an appropriate tune or have fun combining short pieces of writing with fun reactions.

Fourview social network

Because there isn’t a right or wrong way to customize your profile, play around a bit with all amazing features until you find the best possible combination.

Don’t get stuck dealing with old-fashioned social media profiles that prevent you from doing anything interesting and that have a manual on how to fill them out properly. Let your imagination run wild!

Fourview offers you an opportunity to show your true style and taste. Let your dear ones get to know the true you – the one that isn’t afraid of being creative and different.

The present of social media is here

Don’t let another day pass of your data being sold and traded. Don’t lose another moment hiding and getting upset over annoying ads. Don’t settle for poor profiles that make you look like just another random user.

Join the revolution of social media and take advantage of all amazing features Fourview social network has to offer. Support us by signing up or by helping us on Kickstarter.

Together we can bring back the social media power into users’ hands.

Join Fourview now.


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