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We all know that social media earns thanks to its users. They are the ones who support, post, and pay to use social media - which makes money for social media. But do these social media platforms share their money and profit? Or are they the only ones benefiting from their users?

The requests to motivate social media platforms to start sharing their enormous revenue are not new. There have been attempts to do that before, yet major social media platforms have remained silent. No one wants to share revenue.

And here lies the main problem. If all of us were thinking the same and we didn’t want to help less fortunate ones for example, than in what kind of world would we live in? There would be no point in having a charity, organizing fundraisers or advocating for a cause – because no one would care.

Luckily, we don’t live in such a world. People are much more inclined to donate and to help those in need than social media suggests. People want to share with those less fortunate, those in need, yet major social media doesn’t let us do so directly.

So what can be done? How can we build a better world directly through social media?

Fourview social media shares revenue

Not every social media platform is the same. Not every social media platform only uses their user base to earn. Not every social media platform ignores those in need.

Fourview wants to make a difference. And we will do it together with our every user.

By sharing 10% of the revenue, Fourview fights to make other people’s lives better. Whether you wish to support your small, local charity or a big international one, you can do it directly on Fourview.

Check out all the ways you can support charities.

When you sign up for early access, you can choose a charity you want to support. There is an option to first choose a charity section and one charity you want to donate to. If your preferred charity is not on the list, you will have an option to add your own suggestion when the platform is built so we can provide help to anyone who needs it. 

In this way we can gain valuable feedback from all of our users who they want to support and to know who should be added to our charity list. So by signing up, you can truly make a difference and support a charity you care about.

Why does Fourview share revenue?

The truth is rather simple – we no longer want to remain silent as our world suffers. We want to make a difference. And we can do that only if we join forces and do it together.

By signing up for early access and later on by using Fourview on a daily basis, you can help us build a better world, a world where less fortunate are not overlooked, the world where those without a voice can get one. Together we can transform not only the world of social media and perhaps inspire many other businesses and companies to do the same.

How does Fourview share revenue?

Our aim is to be transparent completely so our users know exactly how everything works. As you may be aware, Fourview is a private, ad-free social media platform. This means that we do not earn by selling ads or by selling private, sensitive data of our users to advertisers.

revenue sharing social media

Our source of income is based on a monthly subscription which means that our users pay $1 per month. When users sign up and start using Fourview, they choose a charity they want to support. Fourview then donates 10% of a monthly subscription to that charity.

As long as a user chooses to pay a monthly subscription and to use Fourview, we will share 10% of their monthly subscription to the chosen charity. And this is it – there is no fine print or hidden expenses. It is possible to have revenue-sharing social media.

How can I support Fourview?

There are several ways in which you can support our efforts to build a better world. At the moment, you can click on the Sign up for Early Access button and fill out the form. By signing up, you are joining our waiting list for early access and as soon as our platform is launched – you will receive an email notifying you that we are live.

The second way to support us is to follow our updates and to back our Kickstarter campaign. We are about to launch it so your support would mean a lot to us.

Are you ready to join the evolution of social networking?


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