Launching Kickstarter Campaign: Time For A New Perspective!

About a year ago we were dining with friends, celebrating their engagement when the bartender offered us a specific brand of tequila. Soon after, ads for that specific tequila were all over my social media. The fact is that long gone are the days without ads in our feeds.

Whatever you do online creates a huge digital paper trail of data about you.

Whenever you download an app, visit a website, or use a social media platform, chances are that some entity is collecting data on you. 

Your data can be stolen, sold, collected, and analyzed. In most cases, you are a product or a number in an ad campaign.

Today’s social media makes us uncomfortable 

It’s a feeling many of us experience. The feeling that our personal data has become somebody’s biggest asset to sell. 

We all know how invasive social media can be nowadays. Disruptive ads pop up in our news feed that are clearly a result of abusive data sharing. Sometimes you just can’t get rid of the feeling that somebody has access to your private conversations. Other times, you question whether someone can hear your thoughts, even though you know they can’t. 

Fourview Privacy quote

The idea for Fourview was born   

That sort of data abuse triggered us to start thinking about the first-ever ad-free revenue sharing social media platform. 

Fourview is a platform with a mission to put privacy back in your hands. An online space where your data is not meant to be shared, ever. 

That’s why we are creating a new social network.

  • We want to bring back the excitement and joy of social networking. 
  • Let’s revive sharing happy moments with our loved ones. 
  • We can again, communicate freely and without distraction with our friends, and choose how we engage online. 
  • We are able to make and create our social life the way we wish. 
  • Let’s provide a safe place to enjoy social media the way it was meant to be. 

Your data, never shared

With Fourview, you will never have to worry about your data being shared or sold. 

When you join Fourview, you will know exactly how the privacy agreement works. There will be no need to pay attention to the small print or to take a wild guess on how some segments of privacy work.

Fourview offers complete transparency. You are the only owner of your online data. No data selling or trading will ever happen on our part. 

What Fourview has to offer you that other social networks don’t? 

With all of us who seek privacy in mind, Fourview was designed to be different from other social networks from the start.

To keep the integrity of our platform we will not have investors who have an agenda or bias. We will never have somebody behind the curtain pulling strings to influence our users like other social networks have.

Aside from privacy and not having disruptive ads, we want to create opportunities for users to generate income by continuing to do what they love and enjoy. Fourview’s subscription will only be a dollar per month, but we will share 40 to 60 percent of that revenue with charities and the people who help us grow. 

That will be our part in making the world a better place.

Your pledge is our empowerment to develop a social network the way it should be

By visiting our website and exploring our features you can get a look and feel for the platform we wish to build. We have built the entire development strategy, designed functionalities that offer you a pleasant and intuitive user interface, as well as different opportunities for profile personalization and customization. 

Your profile, your terms

You will be able to personalize your profile the way you like, to set the tone and mood by choosing an appropriate song or just have fun combining short pieces of writing with fun customizable reactions. Because there won’t be a right or wrong way to customize your profile, you will be able to play around a bit with all the amazing features until you find the best possible combination.

Your opportunity to offer a helping hand 

With Fourview, you will be able to make the world a better place. By reviving the true power of social media, our empathy and human touch can truly make a difference. 

When you join Fourview, you’ll be able to select a charity of your choice and we’ll donate 10 percent of your monthly subscription to support it. 

By helping children who need help in different ways, planting a tree or making the ocean cleaner, and helping endangered animals, we CAN make our world a place we want to be a part of. We can make a change. We can do more. 

Empowering influencers and content creators

We wouldn’t have a platform without content creators. So we give those who help us grow an opportunity to create an income by doing what they love without the need to balance their wishes and demands, or sell their following on any brand or product.

Fourview on Kickstarter

Fourview will allow you to grow your following and reach more users organically as the algorithm won’t be advertising-based. Plus, you can count on 30 percent of each monthly subscription for every new user you invite to join us.

If you are an influencer, we will give you the opportunity to directly monetize content through our social network and live off of your creative work. 

Building a better world alongside charity organizations

If you have a charity organization we will give you the opportunity to share your cause and raise awareness about different issues you are advocating. 

As Fourview is not advertising-based you will be able to advocate your cause more effectively and reach more like-minded people. You can successfully grow and strengthen your community

The entire platform has been conceptualized and a list of detailed development requirements are just waiting to be developed, but we need your support to continue with coding. 

We are about to kick some serious crowdfunding milestones on Kickstarter!

We are ready to move Fourview to the next stage. Are you ready to join our cause? We need your support to make it happen together. 

If you believe in our cause, spread the word! Sign up and be one of our FIRST users. Subscribe to be notified when we launch (we are launching soon)!


Our Kickstarter campaign is live!


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