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Do you remember the good old days when social media profiles were full of cute little details that said a lot about you? Whether that was a fun cover photo, witty description of yourself or just a link with your favorite song - social media profiles used to be quirky, unique and special.

Nowadays, everything is completely different. There is almost nothing unique about anyone’s social media style because we are constantly harassed with endless ads, ebooks, videos, and recommendations on how our social media profiles are supposed to look like.

Everyone has just simply started blending in and following what others are doing.

But does it have to be like that? Should we all have profiles that look exactly the same – with similar content, photos and posts?

We at Fourview believe that everyone should be able to build a social media profile that will show their style and personality. There is no law, rule, or requirement that specifies how anyone’s profile should look like. You should be the only one in charge of what you want to post and how stunning your profile will look.

social media style

This is why Fourview is dedicated to allowing each and every user to show off their social media style and personality. Let your inner artist come out and play with your Fourview profile.

Choose a layout you like the most

We all prefer different styles of layout. Some people like to have their posts in the spotlight, while others like their profile and cover photos to be more prominent.

Thanks to the three different types of layouts to choose from, you can easily find the one that suits you best. Fourview will not force you to use one layout that we would change to make it suitable for businesses or ourselves. You are the one that gets to choose what you like the most.

Pick your audience

Not every post you create is suitable for each and every connection you have. You had a wild night out that you want to share with your friends but not with your aunt Susan? Or, got engaged and you want to share it with your close friends first? You launched a new business venture and you want to share it with everyone? With Fourview you will have that option!

We understand that your posts aren’t always appropriate for everyone in your connection list. This is why you get to choose who can see your posts and we give you a few options to choose from – your close friends, your friends, your followers and everyone in your list.

Post everything you want to share without being afraid that someone who you do not want to see your post will see it. Choose the audience for your posts carefully and stop being afraid to share your content with others.

Emojis and feelings speak louder than words

We live in a world where emojis are everywhere. From text messages from your mom to business communication at work. And this is exactly why they are so important, especially in the world of social media.

social media style

In order to communicate effectively and to be able to share exactly how you feel, Fourview has implemented a list of various emojis for our users to create more engaging posts. Whether you are sad, jubilant or pensive, there is the right emoji for you in Fourview.

And if you wish to be more explicit about your feelings, you can always choose an appropriate emotion from an extensive list. This is how you can communicate a lot better with all your friends and followers.

Ready to personalize your profile?

Fourview lets you find a unique social media style that you will enjoy developing. From choosing a perfect profile photo and layout to sharing your feelings with the world, Fourview lets you be who you are – unapologetic and unique.

social media style

If you are ready to be more open and share your true self with the world, make sure to sign up and support Fourview on Kickstarter.

Together, we can change the world of social media from being the place of pressure, anxiety, and stress to a place where you can be who you are.


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