8 Ways to Support Charities Online

The ways that charities can receive help are now much more substantial than the donation of old clothes to charity shops. Did you know that 92% of digitally-focused charities expect an increase in their impact and profits as a result of technological advancements?

Technology changed many aspects of how we live and work – even how we can support charities or donate. It showed us many great ways how we can successfully spark the change, support, or advocate for a cause. Charity organisations and movements have benefited hugely from these technological changes especially from developments in social media. 

Still, there are many charity organisations fighting for a cause, waiting for their advocacy to be heard. You can do more for them. You alone can use so many ways to support charities, raise money and awareness by simply using your laptop or mobile phone. 

ways to support charities

Do you know all the different ways you can support charities? We have listed all the options you can use. 

#1 Follow the social media profiles of the charity you love

Not all of the ways to support a charity involve donating money. Find a charity which shares your values and beliefs. What you can do is to promote their page on your social media accounts and make sure you show them that you are a supporter. 

Interact with their posts, find out about key events and their developments. This is entirely free, yet it helps charities to improve their reach and spread awareness about the things they do. It may also lead to donations from supporters in the future if they share the same values and desires to help a particular cause. 

Share your passion and energy and use it to spread the word with the rest of the online world. 

#2 Share information about the charity on your social media

Post pictures, statuses, videos, links or profiles on your social media accounts. Charities are constantly in need of followers, supporters and donors. 

If you spread the word about the message your favourite charity wants to promote, they are more likely to receive attention, social media engagement and donations from your contacts and followers. This will still do them some good, even without a direct donation from you!

#3 Online shopping – a great way to also support charities online

You can even donate to charities while you shop. Some websites allow you to buy your everyday products online whilst donating all or a percentage of the profits to charity. 

This means you can buy what you need and also know that some of your money is going towards a good cause. Take EasyFundraising as an example. EasyFundraising is a charity fundraising site that allows you to shop online with your favourite retailers through their website as normal. Once you have purchased the items that you want, the site will make a donation to a charity of your choice.  

#4 Use AmazonSmile

Similar to the previous point, if you’re an avid Amazon user, you can use the AmazonSmile feature to be sure that you are also supporting a good cause. 

All you need to do is start your purchase through the AmazonSmile website. You can find the products that you want to buy here as normal, and by using this feature Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to any charity of your choice. This will be at no extra cost to you, meaning you can get the best of both worlds and donate while you shop.

#5 Sell your unwanted items and donate the proceeds to charity 

There are several sites that allow you to sell your old, unwanted items and donate the proceeds to charity. 

Rather than throwing away items of clothing that you no longer wear, you can sell them and donate your earnings to your favourite charity. This also helps to facilitate the move towards a more sustainable fashion industry. 

If you have recently had a clear out, you can upload your items onto Shpock, MusicMagpie, and Depop and start donating! 

ways to support charities

#6 Create a fundraising page

You can use JustGiving to create a page where your friends, family and social media followers can donate to a particular charity or cause of your choice. You can then promote this link on your social media so that more people have access to it. 

Many people have also begun to ask for donations instead of gifts for their birthday. This means that in the upcoming weeks to your big day you can also give a present to those less fortunate. 

#7 Participate in a sponsored activity

Whether you decide to skydive, run a marathon, ride a bike or walk a long distance, you can get your friends and family to sponsor you. Then you can donate the money that you gain to charity. This is a great way to explore with different activities whilst doing something good for the community. 

#8 Charity Miles

Charity Miles is a free application that donates money to any charity that you choose as you exercise. The more miles you cover, the more money they donate on your behalf! You can donate to a good cause, keep moving and hitting your physical exercise targets all at the same time.

This further shows that you don’t even need to donate money directly to help charities. You can have fun online shopping, participating in various activities, or just sharing on social media whilst helping charities. 

But do you want to do even more in order to help charities? Now you can!

It’s easy. When you join Fourview, 10% of your subscription will go to a charity as part of our revenue sharing program. 

This means just by using social media and interacting with your friends and family, you can donate directly to charities. 

In January 2020, there were 3.80 billion social media users worldwide. This number has likely increased. It is obvious that most of us are eager sharers. Why not donate to charities whilst doing so? 

There are so many ways you can support charities online

You can support the charity of your choice by joining Fourview today. 

53.1% of people donated to charitable organisations in 2016. Let’s increase this number together. 


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