5 Things You Should Know About Private Social Networks

Have you lost faith in social media when it comes to privacy? If so, you are not the only one.

Can there be a private social network that is good for you?

Around half of Americans do not trust social media or the government to protect their data and keep their information private.

This meant that there was a huge drop in social network usage amongst Americans. The data breaches of Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter further contributed to this drop. 

After the 2018 Cambridge-Analytica breach involving Facebook, 1 in 10 Americans deleted their accounts. For those of you who don’t know, the breach involved Facebook sharing the data of its users with the political consulting firm Cambridge-Analytica, without permission from the users. The data was mainly used for political reasons, and is said to have influenced large political campaigns, such as that of the current president Donald Trump.

After this and many other data breaches, it is unsurprising that a shift towards social private networks is in progress. 

private social network

Mental health issues, cyberbullying, and hackers are other examples of the driving forces behind this shift. Social media users are calling for privacy and security. Private social networks provide this. 

Do you know which other benefits Private Social Networks offer?

#1 No Data Sharing or Selling

Data analysts can track anything from the adverts that you click on to the messages that you type out but never send. They can use this for their own benefit, by selling it to companies who can serve you with content and advertisements that will interest you and therefore increase the likelihood that you will buy their product. 

This is a breach of online privacy. 

Your online activity should be private and known only to you. Private social networks do not share your data with third parties or sell it for their own profit or the profit of big companies. This means that you are free to browse social media without worrying that someone is behind the scenes tracking which profiles you click and interact with or the type of content that you look at.

#2 Ad-free Experience

As mentioned earlier, data analysts can collect a great deal of information about you. They can cross-reference this information about your online activity with the data that you post online, such as your name, location, occupation, and interests. They can then create a profile for you, for instance, if you post a lot of baking content, they may categorize you as ‘baker’. Then they can serve you with adverts for cupcake stores in your area that are within your price range (based on your salary). 

Data analysts have become so skilled that people have started to believe that their phone is listening to them. Have you ever been talking about a particular product with a friend and seen adverts for it on your social media shortly after? Even without searching it online? 

This, again, is invasive and can be described as an online privacy violation.

Private social networks do not track your online activity or monitor the information that you share on social media. You are free to interact and safely share content with your friends and family, without worrying about when the next personalised advert is going to appear. 

#3 Secure interactions

On regular social media sites, developers can access and monitor messages sent between its users. On a private social network, your messages and interactions with friends and family are completely secure. The developers are unable to view your messages due to encryption.

private social network

Your posts will also only reach their intended audience. If you want to share a family photo with your friends on social media, you can do this without thinking about who else can see it. Your content, your choice.

#4 Protection from hackers and identity thieves

Did you know that around 1 in 15 people have experienced identity theft? Around 1 in 5 of these 15 have also experienced it more than once. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 identity thefts occur online, meaning that we need to work on our online privacy to drive these numbers down. 

Private social networks keep your information secure, meaning that identity thieves will have a harder time finding out your personal information. Whilst we should still always practise safe sharing, it can be reassuring to know that the information which you do post will remain secure. 

Never post your personal information such as financial details, location or address online. 

#5 You can Form a Safe Community

Think how fun social media would be without all of these privacy scares. You can create your own community, where you enjoy social media the way it should be. 

Social media can be a great way to stay connected and minimise feelings of loneliness, particularly in current circumstances imposed onto us by the COVID-19 pandemic. It can also help you express your identity. Imagine how perfect it would be to enjoy these benefits without the consequences.

If you would like all of these features in a social media platform, Fourview is for you. 

A new private social network known as Fourview is here to rescue you from hackers, data trackers and advertisements. Fourview also allows you to personalize your profile, offering a number of layout options for you to choose from. This means that you are free to shape your social media into the way you want them to be. You can place focus on your posts or your information, whichever suits you best. 

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What’s more, Fourview is a revenue-sharing platform. Users can choose their favorite charity and 10% of their monthly fee will go directly to this charity. Do you want to do some good just by using social media? 

If you want to reclaim your online privacy, choose Fourview private social network.

We spend 142 minutes per day on average browsing social media. Let’s keep everything that we do in these 142 minutes secure. 


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