Why we are building Fourview

Time for social media to have a new perspective!

Introducing Fourview, a dedicated space for your online private social life.
An ad-free, private, revenue-sharing social network.

How much does your privacy cost?

Whatever we do or seek, we turn to an app or a social network. The downside? Many private details about our lives can be found in our data on social media. Are social media and data privacy mutually exclusive? We believe they are not.

Our vision is to help you take your social media data into your hands.

We are creating Fourview to be a secure social network that is centered on users’ needs and wishes. We don’t believe you are a number in an ad campaign. We don’t want anyone to be a number.
No data sharing.
No data selling.
No ads.

Join the movement.
Be part of a growing number of us who seek a private and ad-free social network.

Why we are building Fourview

Social networks have grown into services on demand. Our acts of connection, whether personal or professional, are largely online.

It is becoming difficult to maintain quality, close relationships.
It is becoming frightening to feel you are being watched and tracked.
It is becoming tiring to constantly try to avoid the attack of social media ads.

Join the movement. Be part of a growing number of us who seek a private and an ad-free social network.

Join the movement.

Be part of a growing number of us who seek a private and an ad-free social network.

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No Ads and No Data Sharing. Ever.

Your secure, private space

Maintaining a bond with your friends, family and close relationships is why we started enjoying social media in the first place. This is our natural need. A human one. Fourview is your private and intimate space. No casual followers, strangers or advertisers in your social network. You choose your dearest and most special relationships.

Join Fourview and save internet and social media


We want to build a community that gives back to the world.

We share our revenue to get a step closer to a better world, together

Fourview is a revenue-sharing social network. Our wish is to provide anyone with an opportunity to earn by doing what they love and monetize their creative work.

Join Fourview and generate a steady monthly income from your creative work

Generate a steady monthly income from your creative work

Anyone who creates content or is an influencer can join Fourview to continue doing what they love online. When you register as an influencer and invite a new user, you receive 30% of their monthly subscription. We want to help content creators to stay creative and to inspire other creatives.

Join Fourview and donate 10% of your monthly subscription to support a cause

Donate 10% of your monthly subscription to support a cause

Compassion and empathy is what makes us humans. Maintaining a shared awareness of everyone’s emotions, activities, and situations is what moves our world forward. This is your opportunity to give a helping hand to those who need it.

Join and get involved.

We want to provide people to actively take part in reshaping their lives and the lives of others.


We care about how you feel.

Your profile, your terms

Interactions on social networks should feel fun and delightful. You would seek it out intentionally. They should facilitate meaningful conversations, removing the psychological and physical barriers and unlocking unexpected interactions. We are making a social networking experience personal because we want to deliver a true feeling of presence.

Join and support Fourview crowdfunding camapign

Support your favorite charity by joining our community

Our empathy and human touch should not be lost somewhere in the vast internet space. We can do more. By bringing social networking back in the users’ hands, we believe that digital activism can truly contribute to a better world. Donate to a cause of your choice or join others and vote for the cause you believe in.

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How is my privacy protected?

First and foremost, we respect and follow the core principles of human rights first set out in the UDHR. We abide by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We do not track, gather, source and save your information. We want to provide you with a safe, private, and ad-free social networking experience and abide by all laws that protect personal information. Learn more about privacy in our Privacy Policy.

What information do I need to provide to create a profile on Fourview?

We are building Fourview to help you to take your social media data into your hands. The information that we collect will ONLY be used to contact or identify you. We ask for certain information such as first and last name, username, phone number and email address when you register for a Fourview account or if you correspond with us. Only for a better experience, we may require you to provide us with some additional information. Learn more.

Are there truly no ads on Fourview?

Yes, there are no ads on Fourview. We do not allow any type of social media advertising. Moreover, since we do not gather and store your personal information and do not track your online activities, social media advertisers have no interest in joining Fourview. You are free from ads when you join Fourview. Learn more by visiting our blog.

How can I earn money as an influencer?

Fourview is a revenue-sharing social network and our wish is to support content creators to be able to live off their creative work. Anyone who registers as an influencer and invites a new user to join Fourview receives 30% of their monthly subscription. Thus, besides being able to generate monthly income from your work, you can also build your community and enjoy in a social networking experience.

How do I donate to a charity?

You can donate to a charity upon registration on Fourview. When creating your profile you can select a charity sector and a charity organization of choice and we will donate 10% of your monthly subscription to the organization you want to support. Read our blog to stay up to date with news.

How can I suggest a charity that I want to support?

As a member of the Fourview community, you will be able to suggest a charity you wish to support within our charity contest campaigns. Users can vote for the cause they believe in and the organization with the highest number of votes will be included in our list of charities to which we donate 10% of our revenue.

Join the movement.

Be part of a growing number of us who seek a private and an ad-free social network.

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Fourview has the potential to help so many of us to enjoy a safe and secure social networking experience. All it takes is a simple tweet or like.

We do not want to revolutionize social media. We ARE doing it.

Join the movement.

Be part of a growing number of us who seek a private and an ad-free social network.

Thank you for joining the Fourview community.

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